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Whether performing lymphatic drainage massage to reduce swelling after liposuction or using techniques to relax the tightness of skin  after a tummy tuck surgery to help the client stand straighter,  we work carefully around incisions.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage can be an effective part of post-surgery healing for liposuction, facelift, tummy tuck , BBL's and “Mommy Makeover” clients. I ensure clients safety by following a strict protocol that includes:

No massaging directly over scar until healed.

Please read my "Booking Recommendations" on the "Contact" page. After doing this for many years. I find my suggested post surgical scheduled routine works best.  Of course more works even better. But my booking recommendations are designed for the minimum amount necessary taking clients finances into consideration. 

People that receive surgery don't want to hear that in time this issue will resolve.  They are ready to heal and see their results.  We help expedite the healing process so people recover quickly and return to work and every day routines. We smooth out lumps to prevent post surgical deformities. Through experience we also help calm patients anxiety by helping them understand what to expect and what is normal during the recovery process. There is little comparison between endermology and post surgical lymphatic massage. We, as massage therapists  are trained to palpate and focus on individual areas that an office person following a routine with an endermology machine is not able to achieve. People that come to us for massages are happy and eager to return for their post surgical care.

Lymphatic Massage is utilized in adjacent areas without movement of the scar. Body Contouring &  Wood Therapy Massage techniques are used on other areas of the body as needed to help with hardness, lumps and fibrosis. I use different methods of massage depending on the procedure, how soon I receive the patient and what stage of healing they are in.  

Clients are  positioned on the table so as not to place body weight pressure on scars  or fat transplants until healed. We avoid massage near internal and external sutures until healed.

I am a board-certified massage therapist specializing in the reduction of swelling and pain. I provide safe, effective massage  post plastic or orthopedic surgery.  I am certified in Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage from Klose Training. I have 25 years of massage experience and am able to palpate and decipher between fatty tissue, post surgical lumps, fibrosis and seromas.  I have a Bachelor's degree from Tulane University where I graduated with honors. In my program at Tulane we had a class which focused on the need for western doctors to familiarize themselves and become culturally aware of holistic practices used by practitioners internationally. Post Surgical & Lymphatic Massage is just that!  Lymphatic Massage is considered a must by plastic surgeons and surgeons across the world.  The doctors from latin countries which have been leaders in the field of body plastic surgery have been using Post Surgical Lymphatic Massage for decades.  When you are doing more aggressive liposuction and body shaping which from my many years of experience, is definitely what the majority of people want. They want to see a difference. They are paying for a difference.  

Please view my instagram @KristaVNewOrleans for Before and After Pictures.

LA License #1121

How to Work With Krista

I have had the pleasure of working with  plastic surgeons located throughout the Metro New Orleans, Baton Rouge  and Texas.  I have worked with  patients traveling from Miami, Houston, Dallas, Colombia, Mexico, Dominican Republic, and Sweden. Most of the Plastic Surgeons in these areas "INSIST" upon Post Surgical Lymphatic Massage to ensure their patients will achieve the best results possible.  I look forward to working with you!

If you would like to pay for your New Orleans based client’s treatment through a package:

  •  I can bill your practice and your patients can receive post surgical massage at my office.

  • My LA Massage license number is LA#1121

       If you would like to refer your patients  for Lymphatic Massage treatment:

  • Please give them this website address:

  •  If you contact me, I am happy to work together to help develop packages according to your preferred protocol. I recommend receiving a Lymphatic Massage a day or two prior to surgery and then receiving 3-5 a week beginning 3-4 days post surgery with a total of 15-25 sessions. It is a great idea to start with a package of 10.  The time of the service whether 50 or 80 minutes depends on how many areas of liposuction were performed. Please contact me at (504) 729-7011 for more information.

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