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 Spa Etiquette:Sspa

Please Book In Advance

Please book in advance when possible. We book up.  It is a good idea to book 3 weeks prior to dates needed. Please use booking link under the Contact page.

When Booking

Before each appointment let us know of any conditions, surgeries, allergies, preferences, pregnancies or issues you are experiencing so that we may customize your service. Also let us know if you have any product or scent sensitivity. Our oils are organic and we do diffuse essential oils unless you prefer otherwise. Please tell us before each and every session.


Please cancel 48 hours prior to your scheduled appointment via text to (504)729-7011  Please no night before or same day cancellations.  We plan our day around your appointments.  Please have a mutual respect for our time as well.  If an appointment is cancelled less than 48 hours you will be charged. It does not matter if you reschedule or not.  No shows are charged full price. PLEASE RESPECT THE APPOINTMENT TIME! IT IS RESERVED FOR YOU. Do not make your issues our small business's issues. If you have a package purchased you can go on the Shedulicity booking system (under our Contact page) and rebook yourself free of charge if done before the 48 hour cut off.

There are no refunds on packages. If we have to reschedule or cancel an appointment  on our end there is a $15 cancellation or change fee.

Please Arrive 15 Minutes Early

Arrive a little early to your first appointment so you can find the building, find parking in CBD,  fill out paperwork,  and use the restroom. Come in and have a seat on the turquoise couch. 

If you are late your appointment will still end at the same time as we are very busy.

Are you sick? Do you have fever?  Are you coughing or contagious?r 

"Please under no circumstances come if you are actively sick and coughing. We work in small rooms. Please no sick children in rooms. Please wear mask if you are getting over something. We work with cancer patient and people with autoimmune disorders. Help us stay healthy.

Please Communicate with Us

Is the pressure ok?  How's the temperature?   We are here to accommodate you to make your experience as pleasant as possible.  This is our goal, so please help us make it great!

Drink Plenty of Water

During your treatment toxins are released inside your body.   It's important to drink water after your service to flush these toxins out.


Running Late 

Please  text (504)729-7011 and let us know.  Please get here as soon as possible. We will not be able to give you last minute directions as we are in services so please know the address and suite number before you leave. Your appointment will still end at the same time due to the appointment scheduled after yours.  It will cost the full amount.  There's no discount because you are late.  We will do the best we can with the time remaining.  If you are 30 minutes late or more there is not alot we can do with the remaining time.  So you will have to book another appointment and your session is lost. We are truly sorry if this occurs but we have strict cancellation policies.

Medical Advisory

Persons who have a medical condition such as cancer, osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, deep vein thrombosis, recent heart attack or surgery, hematomas, tumors, hernias, recent or unhealed fractures, burns, lipo burns, infections.

 All who are pregnant should speak to their doctor  and get approval first.

Pregnant- Lymphatic Prenatal Massages are offered for all trimesters. It is your responsibility to get permission from your doctor, nurse- midwife, or midwife during the first trimester.  Get permission from your doctor if you are having a difficult pregnancy during any of the three trimesters.   


Turn Off Your Cell Phone 

As a common courtesy to everyone (including yourself so you can relax ) please  turn off cell phones during your visit.

 Post Surgical Garments/ Fajas/ Post surgical bras for Mastectomy, reconstruction, and implants. 

We sell the best quality post surgical garments. Our garments are the top selling brand in Colombia. Colombia is one of the leading countries for body plastic surgery in the world. We stand by the quality being the best. The compression of our garments is second to none of the other garments we have seen. The compression is high which prevents the lymphatic fluid from rising after we complete a post surgical massage session.  There are NO RETURNS ON the garments. We let you try them on first.  If you do not have a massage session booked and want to purchase a garment you must schedule an exact time for an appointment so we can assist you. Text (504)729-7011 to set up time for faja or purchase products.


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