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    POST SURGICAL LYMPHATIC                                  MASSAGE 

              (Packages Available)

This significantly helps to ease swelling, bruising, and discomfort after surgery. Lymph Massage is highly recommended for Abdominoplasty, Mastectomy, Gyneco-mastia, BBL's and Liposuction for all areas.  It speeds up the healing process and detoxes the body.  It also helps aid in the prevention of fibrosis that may occur  after plastic surgery. We change techniques according to where you are in your healing. It is recommended to get 15-25 post surgical massages to obtain best results and protect your investment. 

Post Surgery Lymphatic Massage 

50 minutes $100

80 minutes $150

Package of 5 = $475 ($95 each)

Package of 10=$900 ($90 each)








This is a lymphatic massage used for swelling and bloating for the neck and face. It is very helpful post surgery.  It is also beneficial for excess swelling or bloating in the face and neck area. We incorporate the head to ease tension and pain.

50 minutes $120  No packages available


Fibrosis is characterized by dense tissue and hard lumps underneath the skin. This sometimes occurs post liposuction. This usually takes 10 or more sessions to smooth out the tissue and help you achieve the desired results. Tools will  be incorporated to break down hardened areas.

Beneficial For:

Dense Thick Tissue Post Surgery

Pain and Inflammation

Hardened Knots

 A series of sessions are required to combat fibrosis

45 -50 mins $110


Although fairly uncommon in the U.S. this is a cultural norm for many European and South American countries. This relieves fluid,  and discomfort. It  helps changes in the body during pregnancy. All trimesters are welcome with doctors approval.
55 minutes  $110

Type of massage modality that helps relieve pain, reduces stress, and works on a specific problem   (Add CBD Oil $20 )
Custom Massage - (light/medium pressure)

55 minutes   $100

80 minutes   $140

Deep Tissue Massage- (deep pressure)

55 minutes   $110

80 minutes   $150


This is a specialty lymphatic technique used for aesthetic purposes to flatten the stomach. We use  a columbian contouring cream developed to aid in the release of toxins and fluid.  This is very popular in Brazil, Colombia,  L A, and NY. Great for special events and to fit into that special outfit.  Used for brides for weddings, locals for special occasions, and by many models  and celebrities prior to photo shoots. It slims and contours the body. This is dealing with the lymph fluid not fat.

 70 min - $175


This lymphatic massage is for health benefits. (non surgical) It helps detox the body by moving the lymphatic fluid to the lymphatic drainage canals regulating body fluid balance and the immune functions. This is not for aesthetic purposes. This is a head to toe  very gentle relaxing massage with a purpose of healing. If you are having muscular pain and need something to address muscles then choose the  "Therapeutic or Deep Tissue Massage"

50 min $100

80 min $150

This deeply relaxing treatment uses a combination of warmed stones and massage to relieve tense muscular pain & improve circulation.  The heat of the stones reaches deep into the muscles. It relieves muscular tension and promotes complete relaxation.  
70 minutes $150


Cupping is incorporated with a full body Therapeutic, Deep Tissue, or Post Surgical Massage.  We will utilize the silicone cups to help further relieve muscular tension, knots or break up scar tissue where needed.  

55 Min -$120

              CBD MASSAGE

CBD massages  provide an extra special calming effect & relaxation for the body and mind as it regulates your bodily functions, alleviates stress, reduces anxiety.  In addition, CBD has been reported to alleviate inflammation, improve blood pressure, reduce pain, aid muscle recovery, and even improve the health and appearance of skin.

Add to massage of choice  $20

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